Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi! My name is Morgan, mother to a beautiful little girl named Maliah. Maliah was born August 2010, and was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia (under-developed optic nerves) and schizencephaly which caused spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy. She is delayed in fine and gross motor movements, and is severely visually impaired. Since she is still young, we're not sure of how much vision she does have. So far, we've concluded she can see AT LEAST light. I'm creating this blog for other mommies, therapists, or teachers to share some toys that have been very helpful for her learning. When I first found out about her disabilities, I would spend hours on the internet looking for toys to help her progress. So, I hope to help somebody out there! :) (Pictures are clickable and link to Amazon)

Exercise or therapy ball
Great for teaching balance and vestibular input

Leapfrog Learning Drum
Cause and effect, teaches ABCs and counts 1-10

Playschool busy gears
Cause and effect, music, lights, and moving pieces

Fisher-Price Stacker
Stacking, music and lights

Kitty keyboard

Little Tikes tree swing
Vestibular input

Lamaze musical worm

Fisher-price Gumball Machine
cause and effect, music, dimensions